San Fran is 7th Worst City in the World

According to this Forbes article, San Francisco is the 7th worst city in the world in which to live (and the worst in the Americas).  Not a big surprise, even the SF Examiner recognizes its poopiness, by exclaiming “Yes, our glorious city is recognized the world over as the premier defecation destination”.  Thanks to the homeless/drug problem and the cost of lodging, Oracle is moving its annual conference from SF.  It’s too bad because there are a lot of natural beauty and cultural aspects of the city to like.  But I’m in no hurry to go there anymore.2321902561_5c8cf65c92_kFWIW, according to the article, Montreal is the best city in the Americas.  Gotta love those Canucks.


3 thoughts on “San Fran is 7th Worst City in the World

  1. While the city of San Francisco professes to have great compassion for the homeless and working poor, it caters primarily to big money developers and tech start-ups that want to build high-rise office buildings and million dollar condos. The homeless are left to sleep on the streets and walk around dodging poop on the sidewalks (often their own, sorry to say), and the working poor are displaced from their living quarters by the high cost of real estate. It’s time for the City to wake up, step up, and come up with solutions to the problems that are turning much of the city into a toilet.


    • Check out SB50, Scott Wiener’s revamped high-density housing bill. If ever SF had a chance to “step up,” this would be the best opportunity to come along in a long, long time.


  2. Just to be clear, this Forbes article cites an annual expat report from Internations, a German-based company that provides a community forum for expats. It’s worth checking out their summary AND downloading their report. Ess Eff’s “health and environment” ranking barely tops that of Lagos….

    fyi, worked & lived in Montreal this past Fall. Enjoyed it immensely but, not sure I’d say the same about Winter or Summer.


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