RIP Clayton Christensen

Professor Christensen passed on Jan 23, 2020 at age 67.  I note his passing in this blog because his insight helped me to become a better marketer, a more useful employee, and helped me to see that “common wisdom” is often not useful.  Along with gurus like Seth Godin, Al Reis, and Geoffrey Moore, Professor Christensen provided guidance for actual strategic marketing thinking.  This NY Times byline says it well: “He broke ground with his assertion that the factors that helped the best companies succeed were also the reasons some of those same companies failed.”  He was an inspiration and I cannot recommend his books “The Innovators Dilemma” and “The Innovators Solution” more highly.

The James Bahn sandwich

This is a recommendation for one of Ike’s sandwiches, #339, the James Bahn.  No kidding. It’s got Steak, Cucumbers, Sriracha, Jalapenos, and Pepper Jack cheese.  Other sandwiches include the Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Steve Jobs.  Their ENTIRE menu has 400 sandwiches, and any given Ike’s may only list a dozen, so you have to ask for it.jamesbahn#339 James Bahn sandwich

Color-correct Underwater Photos

What can you do with underwater photos which usually have an extreme blue/aqua color cast?  I’ve futzed around with many techniques, then stumbled onto this simple advice today.  In a nutshell, you use “image” “adjustments” “match color” “neutralize”, then use levels to boost colors, in Photoshop.  I have some really old (1989) jpeg scans from 35mm film and this did a remarkable job.  These Convict Tangs were aqua colored in the original photo.





Retirement & Volunteering – woo-hoo!

If you think retirement could be boring, you haven’t thought enough about volunteering.  It’s been a year since my last W2 paycheck, and there hasn’t been a day I have been bored.sleepingBesides retirement making more time for my many hobbies and naps, I sort of fell into volunteering.  I say “fell into” because during my working years, I rarely spent any time with volunteer organizations.  I had a job!  It seems obvious, but if you’re retired, you’ve probably got some things going for you that’d make volunteering fun and worthwhile.  You have time; you have skills; you have interests; and people need help.  Also, if you’re doing something, you’re less likely to drive your spouse nuts.

I’ll use my own experience as an example; maybe it’ll provide some inspiration.  I’ve been hiking for 40 years and always marveled at how well the trails in N. Cal are maintained.  It seems that volunteers do most of the maintaining.  I wanted to pay back the world for all the great hiking, and so I volunteered at a local county park.  One morning a week a team of volunteers grab their tools and work on the trails.  Since raising my hand, other opportunities at the park came up.  Website and marketing work was needed, and I have that background.  Visitor center docents are needed, and I like to meet with and talk with “outdoor” people who are having fun.  And so on.  Just at this one park, there are all kinds of opportunities to help out.  And I’m learning a ton about the local flora, fauna, and natural history. Tomorrow, I’ll install a door closer on a porta-potty, but it’s not always that glamorous.

One thing you’ll probably notice from your volunteering … people will constantly thank you.  That feels good.  And you get karma points.  So, find a place that combines what you’re good at with what you like, and never be bored again.  Or go to one of the many websites that can help you make a match.  And thanks in advance for volunteering!



San Fran is 7th Worst City in the World

According to this Forbes article, San Francisco is the 7th worst city in the world in which to live (and the worst in the Americas).  Not a big surprise, even the SF Examiner recognizes its poopiness, by exclaiming “Yes, our glorious city is recognized the world over as the premier defecation destination”.  Thanks to the homeless/drug problem and the cost of lodging, Oracle is moving its annual conference from SF.  It’s too bad because there are a lot of natural beauty and cultural aspects of the city to like.  But I’m in no hurry to go there anymore.2321902561_5c8cf65c92_kFWIW, according to the article, Montreal is the best city in the Americas.  Gotta love those Canucks.