Media Bias

In a search for sources of unbiased news, I stumbled upon this really interesting site, which attempts to categorize news sources by two useful attributes:  degree of actual news reporting, and left/right bias.  It’s a great chart; check it out.


This cartoon symbolizes one of the biases … liberal vs. whatever-passes-for-conservative these days.  I think we all understand the concept, though I doubt many would agree on the way their favorite media site is classified.  Last week, a conservative friend of mine declared that the National Review is fair and unbiased.  (It’s not).

The other dimension of bias is the degree which a media site provides actual news reporting vs. analysis/opinion.   Some of us simply want the news, and some of us want someone to interpret it for us so we know what to think.  The authors of this book would argue that most citizen/voters get their opinions from the tribe they identify with, so they need media sources that deliver opinions vs. news/facts.  I flatter myself by claiming that I can form my own opinions, so I’m seeking sources that report only facts/news.  Having said that, people much smarter than me do some amazing analysis, so AFTER I vet their left/right biases, I’ll occasionally seek them out.

Trying PBS for news for now.  Analysis sources are hit or miss.