12 things we COULD do to reduce the gun problem

Blaming AR15s for gun violence is like blaming white colored vehicles for causing the most deaths on our roads.  It’s the most popular vehicle color, so chances are, it’s going to be involved in the most road deaths.  So if we ban white vehicles, will highway deaths decrease?

IMO, the #1 thing we could do:  We could censor popular media; who currently have little self-censorship. People all too easily turn to guns to solve problems.  Where did they learn this?  Answer:  popular media.  The people in Hollywood who want to ban guns make billions by glorifying gun violence.  And who is going to be more seduced by the image of John Wayne blasting Indians, or Dirty Harry, or other Hollywood Americans who become heros by killing people with guns?  Will an American teenager  or a Japanese teenager more closely relate to American heros?  And the country with the greatest correlation of usage of violent video games to gun violence?  Brazil, not the U.S, and it’s not close.

What else could we do, but won’t?

  1. We could make it harder for people convicted of ANY violent crimes to get guns.
  2. We could aggressively punish violent transgressors instead of slapping their wrists, even if it means building more jails.  Stick up a 7-11?  Say goodbye to your freedom forever.
  3. We could jail therapists who don’t “out” the nut jobs they know are a danger to others.
  4. We could stop threatening the 2nd amendment so gun owners don’t have to take extreme positions and instead, encourage them to work with everyone else on the problem.  The NRA only represents 5% of gun owners.  IMO we have no hope of establishing a meaningful dialogue with the NRA, nor with the anti-gun zealots, the two entities carrying 95% of the debate.  Gun owners feel assaulted for exercising their rights.  Which is why we need the NRA, a necessary evil.
  5. Related to #4, we could make existing laws fairer and less difficult to understand, and NOT use CA as a blueprint for federal laws. The ONLY way to understand the California laws, for instance, is to buy and use the 500+ page book on “CA Gun Laws”.  I have not met a cop or even gun shop owner who understands all the CA gun laws.
  6. We could legalize drugs and kill the revenue source of gun-using gangs and BTW, save the lives of countless innocent people in Latin America.
  7. Related to #6, we could shift tax dollars from things like drug enforcement and incarceration to education.  This would help build a strong economy so people get good jobs and have hope.  IMO too many shootings are perpetrated by people with no hope.
  8. We could identify at-risk individuals through schools and the military, and offer/ force counseling.
  9. We could admit that suicides are not a gun problem, it’s a people problem.  Stop lumping suicides in with homicide stats.  Let’s be real.
  10. We could stop listening to gun-ignorant people for solutions.  NOT being a gun owner doesn’t make you an expert in gun usage, even if you are really smart.  For instance, I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve talked to that are not aware that in CA, all gun purchases require a background check, even private party deals (which have to go through a dealer).
  11. We could harshly punish every parent who’s found guilty of making guns available (unsupervised) to kids.  A few “punishment” examples would solve most of this part of the problem.  Public beatings should not be taken off the table.  Yes I know this seems extreme but it’s not as bad as the gun violence caused by this issue.

I’m sure there are dozens of other things we could do, after careful and bi-partisan study.

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