CSU Drops Algebra Requirement – Halleujah

I’m so impressed that the California State University system dropped the algebra requirement.  Impressed … because it’s more forward thinking than I normally give our established academicians credit for.  In his book “In Defense of the American Teen“, author Ryan Teves makes a compelling argument to give young people a basic education, then allow them to pursue their passions. Forcing people who do not want or need algebra is just plain stupid.  So I say “congratulations CSU!”  Keep innovating and keep your curriculum relevant!  You are in the business of serving students, not academic dinosaurs. celebrate

Next, let’s try to get the people in charge of K-12 out of the dark ages.


2 thoughts on “CSU Drops Algebra Requirement – Halleujah

  1. I’m not convinced it’s a good thing to be sending out college graduates who do not have some proficiency with mathematics beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I would be happy to substitute a course in basic statistics for intermediate algebra, but we already have too many courses of study that are all about how you feel, rather than facts.


  2. Yes, a useful course like statistics would be good, and/or some practical math. Like budgeting. But I learned everything I needed to know about algebra by the 10th grade. By the time people get to college, they are either good at something or they are not. I’m in high tech and 90% of the people I work with do not need algebra.


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