Total Eclipse of the Sun

Drove up to Prairie City Oregon for the solar eclipse of 2017.  About 1400 miles round trip but worth it.  Shared the experience with about 250 people, a few of whom watched some of the event through my telescope.  Here’s a shot taken with my old Celestron C90.
As you’ve probably heard, a picture doesn’t do the experience justice; it’s pretty thrilling to see live.  And we were all grateful for very clear skies!

CSU Drops Algebra Requirement – Halleujah

I’m so impressed that the California State University system dropped the algebra requirement.  Impressed … because it’s more forward thinking than I normally give our established academicians credit for.  In his book “In Defense of the American Teen“, author Ryan Teves makes a compelling argument to give young people a basic education, then allow them to pursue their passions. Forcing people who do not want or need algebra is just plain stupid.  So I say “congratulations CSU!”  Keep innovating and keep your curriculum relevant!  You are in the business of serving students, not academic dinosaurs. celebrate

Next, let’s try to get the people in charge of K-12 out of the dark ages.