Rating charities

You get reviews on cars before you buy one, why not do the same thing before giving to charities?  There are agencies which rate charities.  I was solicited by a veteran’s charity and it seemed worthwhile and it is, but I checked and there are veteran’s charities with better ratings.  Ratings are based on several criteria and the one I care a lot about is the percent spent on the charitable purpose.  Check out: http://www.charitywatch.org/toprated.html and http://www.charitywatch.org/ .  An article in the 12/14 issue of Money Magazine mentions charitynavigator.org, give.org, guidestar.org and impact.upenn.edu. BTW, I found that there are nearly 100 veterans charities in the U.S.  And depending on how you define “charity”, there are well over a million in the U.S. alone.  Happy giving!



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