First football game – Levi’s stadium

Thanks to friend Matt Thurmaier and wife Kristi, I was invited to attend the opening of Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara on Aug 17th.  The 49ers were playing the Broncos and got whomped 34-0.  But that’s not what was important.  It was the football unveiling of the new $1.3B stadium.  So here are some first impressions.  First, it only has to be better than Candlestick, which it is.  No contest.  Second … getting in and parking, and leaving, was easy.  Though we did have a 3/4 mile walk to the parking lot and by the time we left, the stadium was only  10% full.  I expect that regular season games will be tougher.  But so far so good.  Third … concessions were very nice with lots of choices.  Vegan hot dogs.  More craft beers than I could count.  But beware … I ordered a Lagunitas IPA for only $11 and I don’t know what I got in the cup, but it sure wasn’t Lagunitas.  It was cold so no big deal.  Fourth … seating was good and sight lines were excellent.  Fifth … got out of our seats at halftime to go to the concessions … and ran into the biggest people traffic jam I’ve ever experienced, ever.  At one point, I thought I would never move from where I was standing.  Sixth … there’s a cool app where you can order stuff and it gets delivered to your seat, except that they don’t actually deliver anything.  I ordered a few things in the 3rd quarter and the stuff never showed up.  I think they’ve got to work the kinks out of that app.  Seventh and last … I’ll bet than when they work the kinks out, Levi’s stadium will be a world-class venue.  Photo:


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