B2B Communication Returns Us to the Stone Age

And it’s not just B2B, but it’s the worst offender.  For millions of years, people communicated orally; sometimes augmented by arm waving and maybe even drawing.  Then writing was invented, then the printing press, and a great deal of communication (and learning) became a matter of reading and writing.  In the late 1900s, PowerPoint was invented and within business, the written word has been replaced by meetings and oral presentations, sometimes augmented by arm waving and PowerPoint drawings. Heck the written word is even discouraged:


Nearly everything is communicated orally now.  So instead of doing useful work, you are forced to attend a mind-numbing number of meetings to hear your company’s business plan, or sales plan, or to learn about your new product, or what the competition is doing.  Heaven forbid someone would write something down so you can read it when it’s convenient. Or so someone can reflect on it and offer well reasoned input.  Or so there’s a record of what you’re communicating.  So welcome to the past.  Me done. Ugh.

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